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Does Jeff Koons Think You're So Dumb He Needs To Put The Painter's Name On The Bag?

October 15, 2017

It’s All About The Money, Uhm, The Monet

Does Jeff Koons Think You’re So Dumb He Needs To Put The Painter’s Name On The Bag?

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I’m not sure of the price of the #JeffKoons #LouisVuitton Monet Tote but I’m betting it’s in the thousands. Why? Because someone will pay that. But is it any more lovely in terms of displaying the painting than the #DragonFashion Tommy James Dragon Monet Monet Tote? No, it isn’t. At least you can SEE the painting on Dragon’s tote. There’s not a boatload of logos & bunnies & ornaments. There’s not the painter’s name emblazoned across the bag. It’s just a beautiful, functional, well made tote. It’s thirty seven bucks.

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Just so you know, Dragon was putting the work of the masters on totes before Jeff & Louis started doing it in April 2017. Dragon had the work of Van Gogh, Bosch, many others on totes before then. Dragon was selling this Franz Marc Tote online in March 2017.

So it just seems instead of honoring the “masters” as they call them, Jeff & Louis have literally put the masters work in the background, behind the metal logos of JK & LV and the bunny and some other stuff. Their paintings are a mere backdrop it seems.

My question is why the names? I don’t know. Is it for the person buying the bag? Are LV shoppers notoriously forgetful? Or do they prize someone looking at them with a MONET or MANET hanging from their shoulder? Or does Jeff Koons simply think we plebeians wouldn’t know our POUSSIN from our BOUCHER. I don’t know.

In the meantime, get all six masters at #DragonFashion without the names, just $222

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