wear a work of art and be one

April 17, 2017

The fact is there's only a certain amount of ways you can make a dress or skirt. Fitted, flare, pleated, what it comes down to is what's on the fabric. What is it that YOU are wearing? What does it say about YOU?

When you wear Gucci people know you are wearing Gucci because it says Gucci. People are pre-programmed to think it fashionable.

When you wear Van Gogh, INSTINCTIVELY, whether a person has seen any of the artist's work or not, they know they're wearing a beautiful design. It's even better when they find out after they buy the dress about its heritage.

Dragon Fashion, in addition to its original designs, takes magnificent works of art, digitizes, colorizes, re-samples and creates a pattern that you see on the apparel here at Dragon Fashion.

Hey speaking of Van Gogh, how about Dragon Fashion's mashup resulting in our little grass skirt. Nice one Vincent!

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