wear a work of art and be one

July 02, 2017


We know from previous blog posts by yours truly that Modigli was friends with the handsome Spaniard Celso. He also apparently hung out  with writer, designer, painter, Jean Cocteau, a third lady killer that worked the Paris scene during that time. One difference was Cocteau's open bi-sexuality.

Says Wikipedia "An important exponent of avant-garde art, Cocteau had great influence on the work of others, including a group of composers known as Les six. In the early twenties, he and other members of Les six frequented a wildly popular bar named Le Boeuf sur le Toit, a name that Cocteau himself had a hand in picking. The popularity was due in no small measure to the presence of Cocteau and his friends."

FYI, in English the bar would be named Beef On The Roof. How the cow got up there I'll never know.

As I researched Cocteau I came across a painting of his and created a design for some clothes. So wear your Cocteau proudly, this created from Cocteau's painting "I Married A Witch"

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