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Sleeping Nudie - She Winks - She Blinks - She Beckons

October 13, 2017

Sleeping Nudie — She Winks — She Blinks — She Beckons

Modigliani’s Most Famous Painting Awake After 100 Years In #3D #VR

So me being a polymath and all, with many interests, as lots of us intellectual brainiac types that write here over at Medium have, I decided to try a little 3D, and as a result came across a most talented artist working in that space doing most unique things.

Man, that was a long, complex, sentence. I vow to try and write gooder.

More than just coming across him, I commissioned from him an original piece of animated digital art, that being Modigliani’s Sleeping Nude, or Red Nude, or Le Gigolette, as I call her, to make it more catchy in this time where everyone is clamoring for your attention.

It really is a beautiful piece of work, but how to display it? Should I let people see it free online? Should I treat it as a physical painting and “loan” it out for museums and organizations to use to bring in audiences to their venue? Can I borrow a hundred dollars? Answer the last question as I’m broke after paying several thousand dollars for the previously mentioned original work of digital art.

Hmmm… whilst you ponder that, take a look at my ulterior motive in commissioning Le Gigolette, the promotion of my store #DragonFashion by soyracha and my line of Modigli inspired clothes like the caryatid bodycon below. Now off to your dictionary to look up caryatid. #haha


Whatever I do, I’ll do it November 24th to coincide with the major #Modigliani #Tate #London #Hive #VR Tour.

Hey, wait! The Tate should have this!

Anyone know anyone at the Tate?

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