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VOGUE 2018 Fashion Predictions - Dragon Already There

December 20, 2017



December 20, 2017

A recent Vogue story shows everyone trying to catch up with Dragon who has been there and is doing that.

Dragon Fashion boasts the greatest designers of all time available nowhere else.

The brands below only scratch the surface of a vein Dragon has been mining for years.

Dragon Fashion® website.

Calvin Klein Spring 2018, featuring photographs by Andy Warhol Photographed by Jason Lloyd Evans

Excerpts from the Vogue story.

“Art collaborations are the new music collaborations.

The merch-mania that ruled 2017 will give way to a new kind of collaboration in 2018: the upgraded art-fashion pairing. At Calvin Klein, Raf Simons made headlines by including Andy Warhol screen prints in his Spring 2018 collection. That turned out to be the beginning of a multiyear collaboration between the brand and the Warhol Foundation, a partnership that promises to test the boundaries between fashion and art. Over at Gucci, Alessandro Michele, too, has embraced the power of fine art. Rather than book an A-list photographer, Michele asked artist Ignasi Monreal to paint Gucci’s Spring 2018 campaign. The results are otherworldly. And as with many trends, you can bet that where Simons and Michele go, others will follow.”

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