wear a work of art and be one

Pencilmania Surprise Fitted Skirt $21 Each Month Subscription

Dragon Fashion

Be a work of art and wear one. Each month Dragon will send you a pencil skirt not available online at his store. These one of a kind skirts will be created specially each month and you won't know WHO you're wearing until you receive it, along with info about the artist. 

$250 a year and we'll include shipping. You save $110 and NO Shipping Fees

You get your first skirt custom created as soon as you order. It will take about two weeks to get to you but the wait is well worth it for this unique fashion "art you wear."

While you're waiting play the Pencilmania Match Game

Desktop http://Pencilmania.FUN

Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dragonfashion.pencilmania