wear a work of art and be one

Dragon Is HIRING! Be A Dragon Fashionette

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Look At YOU! Walking Around Making Money Wearing A Work Of Art By Van Gogh - Modigliani - Matisse - Picasso - And Even Humble Dragon Himself 

The Pencil In The Video Is A Design From A 1920's Sketch By A Famous Designer Of The Time

How Simple Is Being A Dragon Fashionette? It It Were A Movie It Would Be Like...


Ext./Int. - Wherever Whenever You Are 

Everybody Staring At You Then They Ask

"Where DID You Get That Dress?"

You Whip Out Your Mobile Device And Show Them

They Are Delighted And Purchase Then & There Via Shopify Pay


THE END? No! Because They Will Be Repeat Customers And You Get Paid For Everything They Buy In The Future! Eureka! You Have Found The Perfect Job

Can You Wear This Pencil Skirt? If Your Answer Is YES You Can Be A Part The Exciting Fashion Biz - You Literally Bring Store To The Customer In A Native/Natural As A Dragon Fashionette - Interested? Email Dragon soyracha@outlook.com 



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