wear a work of art and be one

June 01, 2017

Dragon is all for being present, and has been most if not all his life, present, that is. Dragon does also embrace the future unafraid. Equally important is knowing the past which will help us be present and embrace the future unafraid.

Which brings us to Paul Klee the "designer" of Dragon's Girls Night Out Collection who said, "A line is a dot that went for a walk."

Only recently did Dragon find Klee was best buds with two of Dragon's most favorite painters, August Macke (my website header), and Franz Marc.

Be curious and Google all of them, words don't describe their work. Unfortunately for two of the three, they didn't survive World War One and left their friend to agonize the rest of his life. Which one survived?

Now one hundred years later, here we are on the verge of the Roaring 2020's. Dragon wonders what these three would think of how he is using their art.

Here's the Girls Night Out Dragon Don't Drink & Bike Collection. Dragon humble hopes you like it.


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