wear a work of art and be one

June 30, 2017


Modigliani painted at the same time a hugely successful fashion designer Paul Poiret was raking in the dough from high society. 

Poiret was a distinguished looking guy and as designers often do, made and lost a fortune.

In the rich times Poiret would hold salons at his mansion which included his fashion shows, also art by none other than Picasso and Modigliani.

However, Poiret and Modigli, it seems, were from different sides of the track, Modigli being penniless and all, selling his work if at all for the equivalent of ten dollars today.

This video is a montage of illustrations by Poiret and other, many female, designers living and working at this exciting time in Paris.

Then WWI came along and killed everything, including abstract artists Franz Marc, August Macke. Their pal Paul Klee survived and literally wrote the book on modern art.

But I digress. It was these illustrations that were the inspiration for Dragon's Flapper beanie. Coincidentally, available here http://Flapper.ME

 PAUL POIRET - Distinguished Looking Eh, Mon Ami?


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