Is It Art? What Is Art?

October 13, 2017

What Is Art? #rhetorical

Art Is Work And Work Is Art So Call Up Art And Tell Him To Get To Work #meaninglessaphorism

Would this be transmedia art? Transmedium art?

Taking a Modigli painting and creating a 3D sculpture from it, that with current technology, can be manufactured and sold.

Or would these questions just be a ruse to get you to view the artwork?


Or would it be one more way to promote my taking possession, digitally, of a beautiful piece of digital art I commissioned, Modigliani’s Sleeping Nude brought to life in 3D animation created by a most talented digital painter. This is far beyond anything clumsy Dragon can do, this fella is an artist.

Le Gigolette aka Sleeping Nudie

So if you follow me, at some point you’ll see the 24 seconds that will amaze you! Eh? Mon ami?

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