May 29, 2017

You Cut Your Ear Off And That's ALL People Remember Right?

Hey - That's Van Gogh's Still Life Below That Dragon Enhanced And Created A Dress Design From - And It's One Of His Most Popular - Dragon Knows This Because He'll Post Several Dresses To Get Reactions And Time And Time Again THIS Dress Came Out On Top

Dragon Performs This Service For Others Too. If You're Interested Let Him Know


This Is Not One Of Dragon's Favorites - Still Knowing It's A Group Of People's Favorite IS What's Important - Eh? Mon Ami?

Were It Not For The Data Dragon Is Able To Glean From His 1.3 Million - 90% Female - 18 - 34 Y.O. Fans - He Never Would Have Know That And Would Be Unsuccessfully Trying To Sell People Something HE Liked - And What If Dragon Was The Only One That Liked It? You See The Problem

Data Mining Is The Future And Dragon Has Struck Gold With His Facebook Fan Base

But Back To The Title - What's The Deal With Van Gogh? - Not Just This Dress But Most Any Design Created From A Van Gogh Painting Is Liked - And Until Recently Dragon Wasn't Identifying The Artists

Without Realizing It Dragon Had Created A Blind Preference Test Where People Didn't Know It Was Van Gogh On The Dress When It Was Compared To Other Dresses - And They Still Preferred His Works

This Proves To Dragon That There's Something Inherently Compelling About These Works Of Art He Creates Designs From - That Translates When It Transformed To Apparel - Not Only Van Gogh - Franz Marc - Modigliani And Minnie Moore - Uhm Many More

This Subconscious Emotional Pull Is Part Of Dragon's USP - Yeah You Know Me - Dragon's USP - His Unique Selling Proposition

That Plus The USP Fun Fact You Have A Dragon Designing/Selling Clothes 

Say - Before I Leave Let Me Van Gogh #GetIt? Van Go! #haha #it'sfunny This Is His Little Grass Skirt 



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