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The Dragon Fashion Experience

September 23, 2017

#The Dragon Fashion Experience

Everybody Talks About The “Selling Experience” But Guess Who’s Really Doing It? SPOILER ALERT — #DragonFashion by soyracha

Hey, if you’re not going to blow your own horn, who will, other than a professional, and those girls cost money.

So all the talk, and Dragon listens, is about people wanting an experience when they shop. It’s not enough of an experience trying to stuff yourself into a size smaller than you belong in the store, there’s got to be more. The same could be said about online shopping. More… please… wtf? you want MORE? More than just clickin’ and buyin’ some stuff?

Okay, Dragon is all over this.

#DragonFashion Products Now With #3D #VR Experiential, etc… etc… oh just let me show you. If you click on the product page below, you’ll not only find information about the product, but also the artist, and a 3D model of the painting used to create the design. #TheDragonFashionExperience

This product is a tote bag you unfold to use as a picnic blanket, a cover up, a teaching kids tool, and carry your stuff.

Below, the 3D model included in #TheDragonFashionExperience


BTW, this cube could be 3D printed and sold as an objet d’art. Eh, mon ami? Oui? That’s the only French I know.
The Dragon Experience — Are You Experienced?Have You Ever Been Experienced? Well Dragon Has

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