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1917 Poster Promoting Modigliani's Show - Even The Flyer Was SCANDALOUS!!

3D Sculptures Celebrating 100 Years Of Modigli

Celebrating The #Modigliani #Tate #London Exhib by soyracha on Sketchfab

Come For The Nudes! Stay For The Elongated Necks! Because Of The Shape Shifting Nature Of #VR #VirtualReality #360 Photos - Dragon Thinks #Modigliani #1900s #Paris Would Have Loved This Medium

3 Minute Modigli Over 100 Paintings

1900 #Paris Exposition Universelle - Did A Young #Modigliani Attend? from Soyracha Dragon on Vimeo.


La Belle Epoque - The Beautiful Era - The Good Times - #Modigliani Time from Soyracha Dragon on Vimeo.

"Although his works were not commercially successful during his lifetime, they became increasingly popular after his death. Modigliani is now among the celebrated artists of the twentieth century. While not closely associated with any one particular early-twentieth-century "ism," Modigliani arrived at a signature style that fused aspects of contemporary European artistic developments such as Cubism with non-Western art forms like African masks. His portraits and nudes overturned the conventions of both genres, uniquely combining innovative formal experimentation with probing candor and psychological insight, and earning the admiration of Modigliani's artistic contemporaries such as his close friend and fellow Ecole de Paris artist, the painter Chaim Soutine. Yet Modigliani's creative legacy remains intertwined with the romantic legend of the quintessential bohemian artist, bound up with a life of excess and Jeanne Hebuterne's tragic suicide the day after Modigliani's death." www.theartstory.org