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Amedeo Dragon Oh Celso You So Handsome Crop Top

Dragon Fashion



Starting November 2017, the esteemed Tate Modern in London will be exhibiting Dragon's favorite "degenerate" artist (other than Dragon himself) Amedeo Modigliani. Visit http://Modigliani.Live 

Amedeo was sort of a caricature artist, as he painted a ton of portraits including his pal Picasso, which Dragon has generously made available as a pencil skirt. 


The handsome Spainiard fellow on THIS piece of apparel is Modigliani's other ABFF - Artist Best Friend Forever - A guy who painted pictures of clowns a lot, Celso Lagar.

Didn't find out much about him and couldn't decide who would be whose "wingman" so to speak, in the early 1900's.

Artwork printed skirts to wear every day! Made with our signature knit fabric, milled in Montreal. This fitted skirt falls above the knee. Made to last, our fabric won't lose shape and our vibrant prints never fade.

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