wear a work of art and be one

April 18, 2017 1 Comment

  • Dragon Fashion by soyracha is the child of polymath Dailey Pike aka Soyracha Dragon
  • Dragon creates original designs and also uses timeless art to create fabric patterns or CADs
  • Dragon wants to give people a way to learn about art, by exposure thru fashion, by people they've know of but don't really know anything about, Van Gogh for example
  • Dragon digitally enhances, re-colorizes, enlarges a painting, then digitally applies it to apparel resulting in the unique, original, lovely clothing you see
  • Dragon's Kaleidoscope mirror sides are also a unique feature of Dragon Fashion, meaning no more mismatched seams
  • The sides themselves are works of art that literally make you a walking Rorschach pattern #haha

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October 01, 2019

I love your work!!!
Circus of a Lifetime Vitruvian Man

I saw you image of the da Vinci dress. And I saw your other work.

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